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How long is the rental period? 
    You can rent the floral arrangements for at least 5 days and possibly up to 8 days without being charged late fees.  We can let you know the exact dates for pickup and return when you contact us. 

Do you deliver the arrangements or do we need to pick them up?
     Yes, we can deliver the flowers and pick them up from your event venue if your event is within 40 miles of Rocklin. We do charge $150.00 fee for the delivery and pick up service. You are welcome to pick them up and return them to our Rocklin location yourself.

Is there a security deposit?
     Yes, we do ask that you pay a security deposit that is approximately 25% of your total order price. The security deposit will be refunded in its entirety when the rented items are returned on time. You will be charged $25.00 each day that you are late returning the rental items or exceed the rental agreement time period. The late fee will be remitted from your security deposit.

How are the floral arrangements packaged for transport?
      Most of the arrangements are protected in small boxes that are then stored in large plastic bins with lids. The bins hold 6 medium size arrangments maximum. The large floral arches may be kept in their own plastic bin. All arrangments need to be repackaged in boxes and bins as they were when you picked them up or as they arrived at your venue. You are responsible for putting the arrangements back in their original packaging.

Is it possible to have you make flower arrangements for us that are not in your current collection?
      Yes, custom arrangements are possible. We would be happy to discuss these options with you.   Contact us.

Is there a minimum order?
      No, you can rent just one floral arrangement if you like.

What if you currently have only 15 of one type of floral arrangement and I need 20 of them?
      It is possible that I can make more to fit your needs. Let's chat about it and see what we can come up with for you.

Can I purchase a floral arrangement?
      I can make you your own special arrangement that you can keep but of course the cost will be more than a rental feeIt is fun to have an arrangement as a keepsake that you can pull out and use every year.  Let's discuss options for you.

Can we make additions to your current florals ?
       Yes, we can add in some additional floral stems to the premade florals. For example, if you want blue and white florals, we can add blue stems into our premade white florals. If you like the spring florals but you want to add in more purple flowers, we can do that. Let's discuss options for you.

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